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“Blackdust has finally released its self titled album, bringing all the weight of its Stoner/Blues/Crazy Rock. There are 8 tracks, better saying, 8 beat ups with very seventies-ish heavy tones, but that at the same time prize for its contemporaneity.

The album opens up with the double “Home” and “Black Door (No Turning Back)”, two tracks that stand out for the amazing, torn, visceral and dead raising vocal performance. “Galaxy Dust” has the Stoner veil, riffs that make you trip and whistle right at the first listening, and a chorus way “acid trip”. The great “Mindblower” follows on, thrilling and cativating who listens, making it one of the greatest tracks on the album. The balad of the album is on “Diamond”, that has an unique, dense and immersive atmosphere, with a big turn around and a spectacular ending. Closing “Blackdust”, the party makers “Heavy Rain” and “Half Moon Woman” meet the goal breaking everything, creating that going out for drinks sensation and having this record as the soundtrack of your anarchy. The last act comes on “Born to Die”, keeping the spirit of madness that this record brings on all its construction, and leaving that taste of ‘I want some more’.

People say that good music is the one that teases you from the beginning to the end, makes you bang your head and draft an “air guitar”, as discreet as it can possibly be. Blackdust’s homonym album is that: an adrenaline injection right to your jugular, causing unthinkable and chaotic reactions. This record is extremely recommended for parties, nights out with friends and deejaying around, but mostly the best way of listening it is LIVE! So, when you are told about some Blackdust concert, DON’T BE A FOOL AND GO FOR IT!”

[William Portugal (Music Wall)]

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